I'm a 13 year old girl learning the ways of life through Random Nonsense :P


Girls Camp!!!!!!!

hey!!!!! i just got back from Girls Camp and it was a BLAST!!!! i loved it!!!!!!

for our ward skit we did it to dancing queen by Abba. it was a lot of fun!!!! we all had our hair done by Sister Oberan, and she did an amazing job!!!! we all has a lot of fun doing that dance. Sister Montoya and Sister Howard choreographed and they did better the the worlds best choreographer. we wouldn't be here if it weren't for them! :)

me and my friend Arora rode up with my dad, so we got there about 3-4 hours before everyone else, so we got to explore and have time to ourselves an we found many swings and we played on those for hours they where sooo much fun!!!!

this year at girls camp was the best i have had!!!!! Thanks to my ward and my leaders for making that trip so amazing for all of us!!! :) i love you all!!!



On Sunday we where loading into the car to come home from church, porter was curious to see if he could reach the unlock button inside the car there was a little opening from the window so he stuck his hand through it and got his hand stuck!!! silly porter!!!! :D

13 BABY!!!!!!!

Yesterday was my 13th birthday! Heres what i got: a pretty cool lime green camerea, a adorable outfit from designer blvd (a sweet botuique by where i live), and a three barrel curling iron. :)


Hello World!!!!!!!!!

Hi my name is torie derrick. i am 13 years old and i LOVE volleyball, cheer, and gymnastics! i am the person on the far left. i have 1 brother and 6 sisters. i love my family! i am a girl who is learning everyday........ :)